Local Data Powers IBM’s Deep Thunder

– by John Bosse, Director of Energy & Government Services, Earth Networks

Through our partnership with IBM, Earth Networks had been providing data from our global weather network for use in IBM’s Deep Thunder project. For the initiative, we have been providing local data from our own network of 8,000 professional weather stations, along with information from other sources, such as the National Weather Service (NWS) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

The weather modeling project is focused on improving short-term forecasts for areas as small as a square kilometer. Deep Thunder is providing utilities and large municipalities with the neighborhood-local information needed to prepare for events such as hurricanes and major snow storms, localized flooding and resulting damage or destruction of infrastructure.

In the future, other sectors, including aviation, transportation and emergency response may benefit from the advancements from Deep Thunder.

IBM’s initiative was covered recently in Talking Points Memo.

Want to know more? Read the case study about the North American utility that can better predict where its people and equipment will be needed before damaging storms arrive:  Electric Utility gets ahead of the weather with new forecasting models

About Earth Networks

Earth Networks gathers and analyzes environmental observations from around the world to help promote a better understanding of the planet and its atmosphere.
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