Meteorological Technology World Expo: Earth Networks Presents


Jim Anderson presents on early severe weather warning technology at the Meteorological Technology World Expo in Brussels.

Our vice president of international business development Jim Anderson spoke at the Meteorological Technology World Expo in Brussels, Belgium this week.

Jim gave his presention “Creating Early-Warning Systems and Proxy Radar from Lightning Detection” to a packed room.

The discussion centered on  technology that is providing access to real-time weather information and warnings via mobile SMS, smartphone, email and desktop applications for improved safety. Jim shared how new technologies are enabling faster weather alerting and other advancements — including a cost-effective radar alternative that delivers earlier severe weather alerts and heavy precipitation warnings faster than ever thought possible.

Jim also showed how our weather information is being utilized to improve agricultural operations. Using detailed, local weather insight, farmers can make better decisions on when to treat and harvest their crops. When farmers can make more informed choices using timely and specific weather data, they can boost crop yields and ultimately ensure food security.

About Earth Networks

Earth Networks gathers and analyzes environmental observations from around the world to help promote a better understanding of the planet and its atmosphere.
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