U.S. Patent for Lightning-Based Weather Alerts

We’re extremely pleased to announce that we received a new patent. The patent is for advanced technology that uses lightning flash rates to track storm cells and issue faster, potentially life-saving alerts — our Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTAs) that are already available to consumers and professionals — for severe weather. Read more in our press releaseLightning_Johnathan_King (4)

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Detecting Total Lightning in Turkey

Data from our Total Lightning Network is now available to enterprises — including aviation, energy and public safety — in Turkey. Our global network detects both in-cloud (intracloud) and cloud-to-ground lightning on continental scales. The network is also provides insight into storm formation and intensity to help to protect lives and livelihoods.

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Spark of Inspiration

Lightning is beautiful, awe-inspiring and dangerous. It’s also the basis of our innovative technology that alerts everyone — from first responders to families — to severe weather and dangerous lightning strikes.

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Lightning Hits Close to Home

We recently met a woman who was hit by lightning just two miles away from our headquarters. Knowing that her story could help educate many others, she shared what happened on May 27, 2014. This is her story.

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Hot or Not? Our Summer Weather Outlook

Our meteorologists analyzed a range of factors – including ENSO (La Niña/El Niño) patterns, climate models, sea surface temperatures, and other information to develop their 2014 Summer Weather Outlook.

“Last summer, the U.S. experienced above-normal temperatures from Texas across the Rockies to the West Coast, with drought from Texas across the Rockies into southern California,” says Senior Meteorologist James Aman. “For this summer, we see a number of climate factors lining up, pointing to increased chances for above-normal temperatures from Texas and the Southern Plains, across the southwest U.S., and over the entire West Coast. Meanwhile, near-normal temperatures are favored for the East Coast, and below-normal temperatures are favored in the Great Lakes and Northern Plains. In terms of rainfall, much of the nation is favored to have near-normal precipitation, but that will not be enough to break the drought in California and Texas. We will also be watching a developing El Niño that could impact the U.S. later this summer and into fall and winter.”

Read the full forecast on our website or watch the webinar presented by Senior Meteorologist James Aman.

The 2014 Summer Weather Outlook from the Meteorology Team and Earth Networks - WeatherBug

The 2014 Summer Weather Outlook from the Meteorology Team and Earth Networks – WeatherBug

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Our 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook

After an unexpectedly tame 2013 season that saw 13 tropical cyclones but no hurricanes above a Category 1 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, our meteorology team is forecasting a 2014 Atlantic hurricane season with average-to-below-average storm activity. The season runs from June 1 to November 30 and includes the Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. Read our announcement for more details.

2014 Hurricane Season Forecast

2014 Hurricane Season Forecast

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Little League and WeatherBug Launch iOS & Android App

We’re deeply honored to partner with Little League® on the new Little League WeatherBug app providing coaches, managers, parents, family and friends of Little League with real-time weather, severe weather alerts, and personalized lightning detection to help stay safer during practice and ballgames this season.

Watch the new short video about lightning and weather safety and see the app in action:

Stay safer this season while on and off the field! Download Little League WeatherBug on Google Play or the iTunes App Store. The app is free.

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Taking the Pulse of the Planet with Earth Networks

Watch our new video to learn how we’re tracking weather and lightning to help millions Know Before severe weather strikes.

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Earth Networks CEO Discusses Extreme Weather with BBC World News

From ice storms on the East Coast, severe drought on the West Coast, floods in Brazil to extreme heat in Australia — the weather seems to be getting wilder. Is this the new normal? And is this the face of climate change?

Earth Networks CEO Bob Marshall spoke with BBC World News America from Atlanta, where we are speaking at the 94th annual American Meteorological Society conference.

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WeatherBug Home Lowers Energy Bills

Utilities across the country have a new option for customers wanting to save money and reduce their energy use this summer without changing their behavior or adjusting the comfort settings on their thermostats, thanks to WeatherBug® Home, a residential energy efficiency program taking a smarter approach to saving electricity.

Watch our new video to learn more:

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